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Termination of cooperation with Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena – Spain.


We are very sorry to inform all interested parties that from the 11.09.2017 Elprosys company on its own initiative has terminated the agreement for the sale of products with "Elprosys" logo with Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena who has been Distributor of Elprosys products in Spain and other non-member countries.

This decision comes as a result of numerous information received from clients regarding undertaken however unaccomplished commitments by Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena towards them.

Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena has failed our trust to the point where he can no longer cooperate with him.

Due to continuous inquiries we would also like to declare that Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena has never been an employee, agent, or a representative of Elprosys company and all his actions where carried out on his own behalf and on his own account and for this reason responsibility for all obligations towards clients of Mr Eduardo Diaz Toledo Jaurena should be attributed solely to him.

In order to receive technical support, terms and conditions for purchasing update please contact our Dealer in Spain or alternatively you may also contact Elprosys company directly:


Francisco Perez
Avda. Villajoyosa, 95a Ed. Mariola
03016 Alicante
Tel: 0034 658 879 489
Fax: 0034 965 160 701
Email: apinauto@hotmail.com


Juan Carlos Diaz-Toledo Jaurena
C/ Doctor Bergez Nş 29
03013 Alicante
Tel: 0034 649913537
Tel: 0034 652122021
E-mail: jc-diaz@hotmail.es



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