User Interface

  1. Main Window
  2. Toolbar

1. Main window

Name Description
1 READ Starts read command
2 WRITE Starts write command
3 VERIFY Starts verify command
4 Memory Type Use it to select memory type
5 Start address Begining address of memory for operation
6 Count Bytes count for operation
7 Programming Voltage Voltage level used to supply memory chip during operation
8 Pullup resistors Specifies weather pullup resistors are on or off
9 Clock MCU oscillator speed
10 Memory MCU memory type (Flash/EEPROM)
11 Verify after read/write Automatic verification after finished read or write operation
12 Progress bar Displays progress of curret operation
13 Status panel Displays information about operation status
14 Cursor addres Shows current cursor addres
15 Memory buffer Displays memory bufer content
16 Quic toolbar Quick acces to basic options
17 Main toolbar Toolbar with all CodiProg options

2. Toolbar

File menu

Empty buffer Clears memory buffer
Open Open file and load its content to memory buffer
Save Save memory buffer to file
Save as Save memory buffer to file with specified name
Exit Exit CodiProg USB software

Edit menu

Fill Fills memory area with SPECIFY data
Find Searches for data in memory buffer
Find Next Next appearance of searched data in memory buffer
Swap bytes Chainges byte order in memory buffer (big-endian - little-endian)

Service menu

Read Starts read operation
Write Starts write operation
Verify Starts verify operation
MC9S12 Mass Erase Starts Mass Erase operation. This option erases entire Flash and EEPROM memories and unsecures microcontroller. Works only with 9S12 microcontrollers.

Options menu

Self test Starts self test operation. This function will check voltage levels and pin functionality.
Restore defult memory settings Use this option to reset to defaults memory setting such as: memory size, start address, programmation voltage, pullup resistors, frequency and phase parameters
Firmware Upgrade This option allowes you to upgrade device firmware

Other menu

CAS 4 Clear Clears CAS 4 (MC9S12XEP100 5M48H) milage

Help menu

Help Dislpays this help screen.
About Displays device hardware and firmware version and device serial number