Codiprog can work without PC software control. This mode can be used to run one of the operations shown in table below. Setting J1 and J2 jumpers according to description below lets you run desired operation.

Possible operations are:

J1 J2 Description
CLOSED CLOSED Erasing first 20B of M35080-V6 and M35080-VP EEPROM
OPEN CLOSED Erasing first 20B of M35080, M35080-3 and M35080-6 EEPROM
CLOSED OPEN Erasing first 20B of D80D0WQ EEPROM
OPEN OPEN Erasing first 20B of 160D0WQ EEPROM

To run one of these operations following steps should be performed:

1. Set jumpers J1 and J2 according to required operation.

2. Power up Codiprog device.

3. Wait until busy led blinks three times and turns off.

4. Press button next to leds and hold it until busy led starts to blink again.

5. When busy led turns off the operation is successfully completed and memory chip can be removed from socket. If  erasing proces takes more than 10 minutes then operation is terminated and busy led is turned on (and not blinking). 
If operation is interrupted memory content may be lost. It is strongly recomended to backup all data before runing this operations.