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Elprosys - Aufbau einer Kooperation mit der Firma FGMTECH - TESTER DIOGENE BEREITS IM VERKAUF!


We are happy to inform you that from today we started partner cooperation with FGMTECH company -  the leading manufacturer and professional supplier of diagnostic devices for the used car market.

Thanks to the cooperation with FGMTECH and the introduction of the latest DIOGENE professional diagnostic tester, Elprosys will be able to provide a wider range of professional products and even better meet the growing expectations of existing customers and definitely expand the group of future buyers.

Established cooperation strictly fits in the Company's strategy, which is focused on offering comprehensive solutions in the field of innovative, professional products for the automotive industry, in particular the used car market.

A detailed description of the FGMTECH DIOGENE diagnostic tester will be available soon at www.diagprog4.com in the DIOGENE tab.


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